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The Cutlery Registry

Two more days and the Conservative Party of Canada gets its long awaited vote on Canada’s gun registry. Their platform has always been to eliminate this “excessively wasteful and ineffective” policy. They are hoping to get their wish.

Me too. I have looked at this issue from all angles and the only people making any sense with their arguments are the opponenents of the registry. Those allied with the Long Gun Registry spout out fear and misinformation. Take the police cheifs for one. At one point they claim that the registry is a valuable “crime fighting” tool. When pressed further they admit that it makes it easier for their officers to matchup stolen guns with their rightful owners. Phew! That lets me sleep well at night. The other issue is that it allows officers across the country to check whether the domestic disturbance they are responding to may involve long guns. Well duh. If I was one of the brave men and women in this country whose job it is to serve and protect, I would not be counting on the long gun registry to tell me if I was in danger or not. I would automatically assume that every and all instances involved guns. Period.

The long gun registry was enacted in the aftermath of the Ecole Polytechnique shootings in Montreal. It has been used as fodder for more gun control with every Toronto and Vancouver gang slaying. The murder rate in Canada fell steadily through the 90′s and early 2000′s. However, the rate of gang and drug murders nearly doubled in the same period. The problem exists in the fact that the long gun registry can neither stop or reduce these crimes. Registering Uncle Clyde’s goose gun in Moose Jaw is not going to keep a punk on Jarvis St. from plugging a rival with a few rounds from his illegal Glock. He didn’t get it at a store and he is sure not interested in letting the government know that he has it.

The world of drugs and gangs is a nasty place. They don’t enjoy sitting in a deer blind with their 30.06 Winchester waiting for that prize buck. They are scared to death 100% of the time and it is survival of the fittest. A long gun registry is not going to affect their world.

I was the victim of an armed robbery a number of years ago. The two guys came into the shop with a nice 357 Magnum and a very large scuba knife. When they are both being held to your head you get very good look. The serial number was sanded off the gun. Not a likely candidate for the registry.

Which brings me to another issue. The number of people murdered in Canada by firearms is equal to the number murdered through stabbings. Just like my robbery there is often a knife involved. So, if we are going to register rifles, why not steak knives? If we are really trying to eliminate crimes of passion, I think that you should have to take a mandatory three week waiting period before you get that shiny set of new Ginsu’s off the shopping channel. Then we could make sure that the owners had to have a special knife owners card before they were allowed to get them sharpened. The police would be able to check the situation before they went in. “Hey Bob! Be careful! It says here that this guy owns a Magic Chef cleaver!!! Shoot first, ask questions later.” And this could all be accomplished by another well run and inexpensive governement run registry.

Get rid of the Long Gun Registry and put the money into something more useful. Fighting the importation of illegal guns or tanning sessions for Stephen Harper and Iggy. They are both starting to look a little pasty.

Until then, I remain

A Sour Kraut.

One Response to “The Cutlery Registry”

  1. Josh Says:

    Your argument against the long gun registry is so superficial – I’ve heard it before, and you say nothing new. Why don’t you register streak knives – heard it before. Duck hunters don’t sell drugs – heard it before. It won’t stop drug dealers from killing each other on Jarvis St (Registering Uncle Clyde’s goose gun in Moose Jaw is not going to keep a punk on Jarvis St. from plugging a rival with a few rounds from his illegal Glock)- heard it before. God! Why the hell do you care what happens on Jarvis St? FCS!

    The registry has nothing to do with glocks on Jarvis St. Nothing. It is not about that! It’s about long guns, FCS!

    In my opinion, long guns are GUNS. There are thousands in Nova Scotia. Way, way more than hand guns. I want my police, in my area, to know who has guns in his house. I want my police to know if the yahoo down the road, screaming at his kids, has a gun (or 7). I want my police to know if the yahoo down the road has 7 more guns than the one he is shooting off over my roof on Saturday night. I want my police to know that the guy who drank his face off and is now threatening to shoot his wife has 3 guns or 12. I want my police to know WHO HAS GUNS!!!

    The vastly favourite weapon in suicide in Nova Scotia for men is the gun. This is not with hand guns. It is with your steak knife-like weapon, the long gun. 96% of completed suicides in men are done with long guns – completed, of course, because long guns are just so darn good at doing their job. Funny, were not all committing hari-kari – you seem to think it is so similar a weapon.

    Registering you gun should be a requirement in Canada. Period.

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