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Monkey See Monkey Do

The debate over Canada’s Long Gun Registry is about to end, for now. The Conservative government has come to the realization that their private members bill to abolish the registry is going to fall a few votes short.

The controversy will remain since both sides are at polar opposites. You have the pro-registry forces who believe that more regulation is a good thing and so what if it doesn’t actually do anything. The people that are against the registry see it as another government program that targets the wrong people and doesn’t do anything to reduce gun violence. See, getting them to switch sides should be easy.

Instead of buying into the pro and anti rhetoric, I wish Canada’s MPs would look at the facts and then determine whether the registry is actually the best use of billions (to date) of dollars of tax payers money. Instead we have MP’s like Peter Stouffer, a long time opponent of the registry, flip his vote. The reason? A poll of his constituents told him so. Well these are the same constituents that voted him in three times, knowing that one of his positions was to abolish the registry. What they looked at was the person, his beliefs and their faith that he would do what was right for his constituency. Now they find out that they could have voted in a monkey instead.

Why is it so hard for elected representatives to provide leadership? Take a stand and follow through on it. Show the people that you have what it takes to stand up for something and that you will use your imagination and intelligence to make their communities and this country a better place. Forget the instant polls. People are fickle. Long term policies and doing what is best is not a fickle business.

But, people say, this is a democracy and the people’s wishes should be respected. Phooey!!! This assumes that the “people” are intelligent and well versed in both sides of any argument. Wrong. People don’t take the time to suss out the information required to make well thought out decisions. They take the easy route and listen to the nightly sound bites. He who has the best sound bite wins the war. That is how the Wesern democracies run these days. The media is king and we and the government are slaves to it. How else could George W. get elected! Twice!!!

So for Peter Stouffer to stand up and say that he was going against his personal beliefs, ones that anyone who knows the man would say are probably very reasoned, to follow a poll of his constituents is demonstrating all that is wrong with politics these days.

Grab a banana Peter and share it will all of the other monkeys in Ottawa.

Until then, I remain,

A Sour Kraut

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