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Happy? No?

Let’s all whine a little. We’re not happy. Life sucks. We deserve better. Poor little ol’ me. Well my throngs of adoring readers, life is not like that. You do your time and then you die. Gonna happen whether you are happy or not, so get over it.

Happiness is a much over-rated yet crucial component of our existence. Some people know how to get through life with a smile on their face. They may be in a dead end job, trying to make ends meat with everyday a struggle, and they are blissfully happy. Others seem to have it all and they are miserable. I don’t know. However, you know what I think. I think we are all looking for someone to give us a little help. Whether it is your neighbour, the governement, banks, children, electric company, spouse or family. I think a lot of people have the need to just have things go better for them once in a while. A simple “Here let me do that” can do wonders.

In our world though it seems to go the other way. It seems that no matter where you turn things just seem to give you a slap in the face. Taxes keep going up and services go down. Businesses make record profits and tell you they need to make more. Family “never has time”. Gas prices are killing us and the governement watch dogs keep prices high when they could drop them to help the little guy a break. The eight day delay in the Province of Nova Scotia pulled more than $5 million out of the pockets of consumers. Where that money went I don’t know, but it didn’t stay in my pocket. I would have purchased a huge orange slushie and put a smile on my face.

Its interesting that most of the people that have offered me “help” over the years have been complete strangers that have just gotten to know me. Out of the blue they offer to do something for me. I have a guardian angel that watches over me; never knew me yet has gone over and above to help me in the worst situations. A lady was in my shop the other day, gave me a hug and said she and her prayer group were going to pray for me. Whatever.

So, if we have complete strangers offering to help it means one of three things:

We don’t treat the people we love very well

We don’t appreciate what we have

Strangers like us better than those closer to us.

I my case it is probably a mix of the three. Well that should be simple to fix. If I can just find the time!

Prayer group huh? Oh well, I will reserve judgement.

Until them, I remain,

A Sour Kraut

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