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What a Riot

Do you ever get the feeling that some little is finally going to turn into something big? For the good? Well, the dust ups in Britain last week may be the tip of the iceberg for change. Prime Minister David Cameron laid the blame right at the feet of the people who should bare the brunt. We the parents. Yup, to the overarching noise of grinding teeth from the social action side Prime Minister Cameron said the the youth hooliganism was a result of poor parenting. No kidding. He decried the fact that the youths involved did not have any respect for community, family, authority or any civil or moral codes. Why? Because the parents failed to instill any of that in their children. Notonly that but “these” parents were also either blissfully unaware of their children’s whereabouts during the riots or complicit in their childs actions. Well done Mr. Cameron.

These comments, as well as comments and actions that have taken place in the U.S., have led to a British society that is now looking at the structure of their social network and the responsibilities that the recipients take on when they access the programs. There have been calls to suspend social welfare programs to peoples that are convicted of taking part in the riots. The rationale is why should society support those in need if those in need are only going to abuse society? Seems to make sense.

Let me be clear. None of the comments where directed at those that truly need help. The elderly, the infirm and those struggling with health and mental health issues still need help, no matter what. It is those that choose to rely on the state, are not trying everything to find a useful position in it, yet abuse the system and commit crimes, who are being targeted by this latest clamp down. Why should the state support a young male who is perfectly capable of receiving training or can take an entry level job, but refuses to do so since his welfare is better than the income from the job? Or why support the parents with housing and support if they are not going to do their job of being actively involved in their children’s upbringing?

These rich welfare programs have landed Europe in the financial position it is in now. A new hard look at the programs is in order. Maybe this craziness will be the stimulus to make happen. Canada take note.

Until then, I remain,

A Sour Kraut

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