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Did Ya Miss Me?

Is it just me or do Barrack Obama and Michaelle Jean make a nice looking couple?

Sorry I have been out of touch as it were. I was having another lovely experience with our medical system. You see the drugs that I have been on to combat chronic kidney failure do a great job, but the side-effects can come up and bite you in the arse. One is that they beat up on your immune system So, a couple of weeks ago a cough and cold turned into double pneumonia in about 24hrs. The care and service at the emerg department was excellent. But that was Fisherman’s Memorial. In order to be admitted, which is what the doctors wanted, meant that I had to go to South Shore Regional. Well, eventually, the Doc’s decided that rather than spend my time in a hallway at SSR I would be better off at home. Luckily I am a pretty good healer. A week at home and I was back on my feet. The only problem is that a friend of mine, who was taking the same drugs as me, presented himself with an infection two years ago at Dartmouth General. That was at 8:00am on a Wednesday. By 7:30pm he had passed away. He was fine the day before. Like I said, these drugs tend to beat up your immune system and things can turn for the worst in a heart beat. The Doc’s knew this and still I was sent home, because there was no room at the inn. Now that’s good health care!

So, I am at home convalescing and I see that the members of the Indian Brook band are upset about DFO’s audit of monies that have gone missing from an entity called Indian Brook Fisheries. This was a deal that supposedly the band and former chief disagreed with, but was signed by DFO with eight of the current band council members. According to the records $600,000 has gone missing and the rest of the money was used to do something, what we are not sure, and to pay the councilors consulting fees. I am really getting fed up with all of this. Before another aboriginal leader starts complaining about how the “white man”, that means you and I, has taken away their livelihood and needs to provide them with more money, I would like them to provide proper governance of their own affairs. Yeah, this means getting band councils to actually take care of their people, rather than grabbing what they can for themselves. Why is it you never hear of the Chiefs and councilors living in substandard housing? Why is it the money that goes to reserves to maintain and run their water treatment facilities are used to hire friends who know nothing of running such a facility? And where does the money go that is supposed to be used to provide these “employees” with the training and expertise needed to run these facililties? Before you try to make me feel guilty and demand more money, get your own house in order. Between the federal government and the provinces, tax payers are already prividing almost 8 billion dollars to aboriginals.

Then we get word that the Provincial Government is supporting the dredging of Sydney Harbour to facilitate more shipping and a proposed container terminal. Now that’s money well spent. We already have two container terminals in Halifax that are losing traffic year after year. Lets throw millions of dollars at a new terminal in Sydney so that they can compete with Halifax. Wonderful. The icing on the cake was that the first $4 million was to be used to “STUDY” Sydney Harbour, its geology and environmental impacts. Now correct me if I am wrong, but there was this little thing called the Sydney Tar Ponds Cleanup that has been going on up there for the last, oh I don’t know 100 years! that has been studied to death. Rather than spend another four million dollars, why not just review what has already been studied to death? And guess what? I bet they come back with the ground-breaking revelation that the sediment at the bottom of Sydney Harbour is contaminated and any dredging will require proper disposal of all the stuff they dig up. Ya think? But, wait, here is the best part – The study was going to look at dredging’s impact on the fishery. HA! What fishery? I don’t know of anyone who wants to eat anything that comes out of Sydney Harbour. Fishery, what a load.

Why is it that we live in a time where the population is probably the best educated in history and yet nobody can make a decision? Everything has to be studied. Anyone? Don’t even get me started on consultants. I used to be one, and I can tell you the view from the inside can be very unsettling. It used to be that you would tell your children to get a job with the bank or the government. They would be set for life. Well, these days you should tell your children to become a consultant. There is no end of work and you can do and say whatever you please. I should have never left.

I remember doing a study for a firm that wanted ACOA funding back in the early nineties. I had left the firm I was with and was working independently. After I submitted my report I was contacted by ACOA. They expressed their pleasure that I had actually given them a report they could act on and that my fees were 50% of the cost of the next lowest bid. They told me they had put me on their preferred list. What was my report? I told them that they would be crazy to invest in the venture. Nobody had ever done that before. Go figure.

I remain,

A Sour Kraut.

One Response to “Did Ya Miss Me?”

  1. Dan the Driller Says:

    That is the stuff. Go gett’em. Seems so senceable. To bad so many people’s brain are not in gear.

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